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Corona Reassurance

I have stayed pretty quiet up to now regarding the corona virus however as the country moves from the contain to delay phase of the response I wanted to just give a little reassurance about the precautions we are taking at Ian Thornley Osteopathy.

As an Osteopath and primary healthcare professional I adhere to strict professional standards, set out by the General Osteopathic Council, to ensure that my patients and clients receive the best of care, support and advice in an appropriate environment.

The treatment room is regularly cleaned, hard surfaces are disinfected and a high standard of personal hygiene is maintained including regular hand washing and use of alcohol based hand gel. Disposable couch roll and clean pillow cases are being used for each patient.

I am currently self-checking my temperature each morning before I work with any patients, in addition to being mindful of the presence of any other symptoms.

I would urge you to do the same. Should you feel unwell, particularly with a fever and/or persistent dry cough please reschedule your appointment and self isolate in line with government advice - or take up an online video or phone consultation.

Online video/ phone consultations are an alternative to a clinic or home visit. Osteopathy is much more than just hands on treatment. Correct diagnosis and a bespoke exercise prescription tailored to you can be as helpful as hands on treatment - particularly if you are in acute pain or as part of your rehabilitation programme.

GP's and front-line NHS staff are overloaded at the moment so please consider this option. Osteopaths are experts in muscular skeletal presentations with many skills not limited to hands on treatment. We will be able to spend un-rushed time understanding you and your presentation in order to reach a differential diagnosis. Osteopaths are trained to recognise when you need further investigation or treatment outside our scope of practice and we will refer you to the appropriate practitioner should we believe this to be the case.

My approach to osteopathic treatment has always been to work in partnership with you and is not limited to only hands on treatment. We will work together to arrive at a package of treatment to most effectively manage your presentation, including specific exercises and lifestyle advice. Great for both acute pain and ongoing rehabilitation.

Many people will be worried at this time but there are ways to look after yourself and your health and well-being. Looking after your immune system is important. Plenty of good sleep, regular fluid intake, exercise and stress management in addition to osteopathic treatment for the lymphatic circulation (including a bespoke exercise plan) can help keep the immune system in good shape.

While the media surrounding this pandemic is currently alarming, it is calm, rational action and a kind, supportive mentality that will help us all at this time.

You can help by taking responsibility for looking after yourself and your family, not panicking and supporting your community wherever you are able. More than ever it's a time to be kind and generous 💜💜💜

Standard and Video/Phone consultations can be booked via the book now button, via this link or by calling 07738017206.

Bookings for online video and phone consultations are not geographically limited so you have the opportunity to access my care from anywhere in the country.

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