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sports massage

Need some help ironing out those sore muscles?  Then a sports massage at our Otford studio may be just what you need.  

Sports massage is an effective way to look after your body whilst training and competing.  It can help to maximise your performance by helping with the preparation and recovery of muscles as well as a tool to help the rehabilitation of sports injuries following diagnosis by a healthcare practitioner such as an osteopath.

It is also great for the relief of everyday muscular aches and pains caused by overuse for example work related back discomfort or soreness after working in the garden.

If you are unsure if osteopathy or sports massage will be the best option just give us a call for a friendly, no obligation chat on 07738017206.


If you are ready to book an appointment you can do so quickly and easily via our online booking page or send us a message. If you would like a home visit for sports massage please call to discuss your requirements.


"Excellent Osteopath, perfect location,  easy parking, appointments always on time. Best of treatment." G.

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