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mindset coaching

Our lives are shaped by our thoughts, behaviours and communication. These are influenced by past and current experiences, both positive and negative.  However, this doesn’t have to be a process that just happens to us, defined by past events.  We CAN take control and bring about positive change and achieve our desired goals by examining, understanding and altering our learned patterns of thought and behavior.


What is Mindset coaching?

Mindset coaching utilises neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) therapy.  This is a versatile and dynamic approach to coaching that focuses on understanding the complex connection between our minds, the language we use and the behaviors we display.  It explores how these elements influence our lived experience, how we interact with the world and how we can harness their power to positively transform our lives.  Mindset coaching can be a powerful tool that can bridge the gap between counselling and psychotherapy.


What is mindset coaching for?

Mindset coaching is versatile and can help with a wide range of behaviors that are restricting our growth.

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Coaching can help you identify and overcome the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching, and even setting, your goals.  By understanding your limiting beliefs and decisions you will be able to reframe your thoughts, adopt new, powerful beliefs to unlock your full potential.  You can achieve things you hadn’t even thought were within your reach!

Reducing the impact of past events

Many people have experiences in the past, that have shaped who you are today, not all of them positive.  In many cases these past experiences continue to influence our present. Some NLP techniques I use can allow you to move on from these events, leaving them firmly in the past where they belong, allowing you to shape a new, positive story for the future.

Improving communication skills

NLP coaching can provide valuable insights into effective communication.  By mastering NLP techniques you can enhance your ability to connect with others, resolve conflict and express yourself more authentically.  Imagine the possibilities in both you professional and personal relationships when you master these skills!

Managing emotions and stress

Coaching will equip you with new skills and practical tools to help you understand and effectively manage your stress and emotions.  You will be taught techniques such as reframing which can help you manage and regulate your emotional response, reduce stress and improve your emotional well-being.

Create positive habits

Mindset coaching, using NLP techniques, offers strategies for creating and maintaining positive habits while getting rid of unhelpful behaviours.  Developing positive habits will support your personal growth and the achievement of your goals.  By modelling successful individuals and using powerfully effective visualisation techniques you can cultivate and grow new behaviours which will reinforce and drive positive behaviour patterns in your life and help you towards your goals.

Enhancing performance and success

Mindset coaching is widely used in the area of personal and professional development.  It can help you enhance your performance (at work and at play), increase your motivation and achieve strong states of focus and productivity.


Is mindset coaching different from other talking therapies?

Other talking therapies, such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), work by identifying the problems you are currently facing and learning how to use healthy coping mechanisms to overcome them.  Some talking therapies are focused on being able to verbalise the issue and process your feelings.  Others are about accepting what has happened and being at peace with the decisions and events that have occurred.

Mindset coaching and the NLP techniques employed work on changing thought your patterns and behaviour strategies so the issues don’t reappear.  Rather than continuing to drag your big bag of past baggage into your present behaviour patterns you can let it go and stop it interfering with your future.

The nature of the techniques means that you are not required to share all the details of your struggles, unless you are comfortable to do so.  Unlike many counselling and talking therapies which need you to verbalise every thought, many of the techniques Ian uses require you to follow instructions, which can be done in your head, as Ian guides you through the process, rather than answering out loud. This can make the whole experience more emotionally gentle when compared to some other similar therapies.

Does mindset coaching work?

Oh yes.  Ian has gone through the NLP process himself and has significantly benefitted from the results.  The experience was intense but incredibly enlightening and he managed to reframe and leave behind unhelpful, restrictive emotions and habits, and open up the possibility of the future he dreams of.  Part of the process is setting and working towards specific goals - one of which is helping more people, like you, to feel the joy of a future of great possibility!

Discover the power for yourself

Mindset coaching offers a versatile set of techniques and tools that can facilitate profound, exciting personal growth and transformation.  By understanding the intricate connections between your mind, your behaviours and language, you can take control of your thoughts, emotions and your life and shape it to align with your biggest goals and aspirations. 

If you are ready to start this incredible journey to discovering and nurturing the person you aspire to be, contact Ian.  Ian is qualified practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and hypnotherapy and can support and guide you along the way.  Start by booking a discovery call with Ian to see how the Mindset Coaching Breakthrough programme can help improve your life. 

Telehealth at Ian Thornley Osteopathy-mi

"Fantastic professional service. Haven’t felt this good in years" M

"I hurt my back whilst at the gym , and Ian came to the rescue .

He came in early especially to help me , and worked his magic to relieve the severe discomfort
I had previously visited a clinic in Sevenoaks, but my wife told me about this new clinic in Shoreham very near to our home , with the bonus of easy , free parking

Highly recommended, I certainly won’t bother going anywhere else now." G

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