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Ian Thornley
Registered Osteopath
"I help people in North Kent to get out of pain, to move better and be empowered to keep fit and feel great inside and out"
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Welcome to Ian Thornley Osteopathy

We specialise in helping hard working, health conscious people in Otford, Sevenoaks and surrounding areas to regain their mobility and get back to their active lifestyles by solving their painful problem

At Ian Thornley Osteopathy we are proud to be serving the community and take satisfaction from seeing positive changes to your health and well-being. We love working with you as you achieve your goals. 

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Have you have been told to "just accept your painful problem because of the job you do", but it's affecting your work?

Are you worried about becoming reliant on painkillers and being unable to look after your family?

Maybe your problem is leaving you unable to enjoy doing the things you love?

If so then Ian Thornley Osteopathy between Otford and Shoreham could be the SOLUTION to your problem

Ready to get going with treatment straight away?

If you are ready to start with effective hands-on treatment and a customised and individual programme to address the cause of your problem and get you back to doing the things you love use the button below to get started.

We understand that not everyone will be ready to book a full assessment and treatment without having some questions answered first.  This is where our DISCOVERY SESSIONS come in. They are 100% free (and you are under no obligation to become a client)

Free introductory telephone call...
Get your questions answered and some free expert advice, from your osteopath in Otford, over the phone that you can put straight into action.  
Click below to book a completely free introductory telephone call, to have all your questions answered, with absolutely no obligation to book 
Or a free introductory video session
If you would like to see who you are talking to and find out answers to any questions you may have our video introductory session is for you.
I will show you who I am, talk through how I work and the services I offer to help you make the best, informed decision about how to deal with your problem

What some of our past clients say...

About Ian Thornley Osteopathy

If you are like our usual clients, you are looking for a natural way to resolve your problem, without having to rely on painkillers.

We focus on working with our clients to take them from feeling worried, anxious and limited by their injury to having the confidence to get back to the activities they love, whatever that may be.  

Among our many successes we have helped accountants get back to football, mums get back to tennis, plumbers get back to the gardening and grandparents back to independent living and baby cuddles!

If you are in Otford, Shoreham or Sevenoaks areas and searching for an osteopath who can understand your goals and help you achieve them, why not get in touch and see how Ian Thornley Osteopathy can help

Is Ian Thornley Osteopathy right for me?

Ian Thornley Osteopathy is for:

  • Hard-working people in Otford, Sevenoaks and North Kent who value their health and wellbeing and want to be free from niggling painful problems.

  • Those that don't want to rely on painkillers

  • Those that have a clear goal, which will have a positive impact on their life, and are serious about achieving it

  • Those who know that specialist attention and treatment is the best way solve their painful problem.

  • Those who don't want to gamble on NHS treatment and can't afford to wait 8-12 weeks to be seen.

  • Those that want to regain their mobility and get back to their active lives

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Meet your Osteopath
Ian Thornley MOst, BSc
Registered Osteopath

Ian is an osteopath who is passionate

about providing excellent professional

osteopathic care, helping people live

active and pain free lives.

Following a 20 year career in healthcare, as a pharmacist and a sports massage therapist, he chose to enhance his skills and graduated from the London School of Osteopathy with a Masters degree.  He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), a legal requirement for osteopaths in the UK.

Ian has a strong focus on individual patient care and strongly believes in working in partnership with his patients to find the most effective way to reduce pain and promote health and well being.

He uses a wide range of osteopathic treatment techniques, in conjunction with advice on lifestyle, posture, ergonomics and exercise to assist in the restoration and maintenance of pain free living.

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