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Osteopathy - what's it all about?

Osteopathy is an established healthcare system using a hands-on approach to diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions, with the aim of working in partnership with the patient to restore and maintain physical and psychological well being. 

The Osteopath uses a variety of effective, gentle manipulative techniques to restore movement and function of the spine and other joints, along with soft tissue techniques.  The techniques used are selected to give the maximum benefit for the patient, ensuring a need dependant, bespoke treatment. 

Osteopath are also trained in medical examination, ensuring that patients who may have pain that is not musculoskeletal in origin receive the correct diagnosis and, if necessary, referral to another healthcare provider, such as the GP. 

As an allied health profession, osteopathy can complement other medical interventions and osteopaths typically work closely with other healthcare practitioners to ensure patients receive the most appropriate and best possible care.

Back Massage

Osteopaths treat the patient – not just the injury or immediate issue

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